Dry fruits cocktail




- 100g. raw macadamia nuts without salt

- 100g. unsalted raw almonds

- 100g. unsalted raw cashews

- 50g. of raw unsalted pecans

- 70g. brown sugar

Dry fruits cocktail
Photo of dry fruits cocktail, such as we can see in the market.


- In a skillet, lightly toast nuts all separately.

- Gather all the ingredients and finish them toasting with brown sugar.

- Stir constantly so the nuts to become well toasted.

- Let rest on a plate and eat when cool.

Optionally add water at the beginning of the preparation and wait until all the syrup is reduced.

Nutritional comment

This is a recipe rich in refined sugars completely contraindicated for people with diabetes.

Like all sugar-rich snacks, this recipe should be consumed occasionally and in moderation. Among its benefits, we can cite the wealth in minerals and healthy fats from nuts the recipe contains.

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