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Linden leaves and flowers

- Common linden properties : The antispasmodic properties of linden flowers would be very useful to remedy stomachache...

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Sweet potatoes

- Crohn's disease diet : Intestinal malabsorption of those who have Crohn's disease typically causes deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. A proper diet will help remedy these shortcomings...

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Photo of thyme in the countryside

- Abdominal pain remedies : Some plants as thyme are very appropiate to treat abdominal pains. Thyme, for example, helps digestion, prevents gastric and intestinal spasms and avoids gas formation and putridre tention in the intestines.

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apple properties

- Nutritional properties of apples: Apples are noted for their richness in pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber. Is part of the cell wall of plants, particularly in fruit skins. Pectin is capable of forming a gel when combined with sugar or with acids,...

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dandelion leaves

- How to cook dandelion : Arugula salad, with arugula leaves, alfalfa sprouts and radishes, seasoned with mustard, vinegar of Modena and virgin olive oil.

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courgette plant

- Courgettes cultivation : Like all cucurbits (pumpkins, melons, watermelons, cucumbers, ...), zucchini requires exposure to sunlight. Warm or temperate temperatures, between 18º and 25ºC. It supports high temperatures...

Flower of the month

Flower of the month

It is a lily found in the forests and shady places of high mountain, spread across almost the entire European continent...


Té verde ( Camellia sinensis )

The most beautiful rose

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