Main curative plants

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Illustration of cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa)

- Cat's claw properties : Traditionally this plant has been widely used, especially by the Peruvian Ashaninca tribe, in the form of decoctions to treat cancer, tumors, joint pains caused by rheumatic diseases, respiratory problems, ulcers and degenerative diseases.

* Cat's claw contraindications

* Cat's claw toxicity

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St. John's wort for depression

- Depression remedies: To replace the antidepressant drugs, which have many side effects - weight gain, gastric problems, hypertension, etc. - with other less aggressive natural remedies.

* Tips to cure depression

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Photo of sesame

- Food rich in zinc :Nectarine is a fruit very rich in vitamin A but also has less amount of other vitamins such as vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin E.

* Zinc in vegetarians: The natural sugar of mandarines is absorbed gradually given its content in fiber and fructose.

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spinach tortilla

- Spinach omelette: Spinach omelette or egg with spinach is a very healthy and nutritious combination. It provides lots of vitamin A, folic acid (cleansing the arteries), fiber and protein

* Spinach eaten raw: good or bad?

* Spìnach oxalates

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- Paperwhite cultivation: In case you want to grow them in cool climates, it is necessary to do it in a container to be able to carry it indoors to protect it from the inclemencies...


Botanical contest Flower of the Month December 2018

Characteristics of the flower of the month

Plant of the hibiscus family, with a very high stem, which can reach 2 or 3 meters in height. Large dark pink flowers. Grows in rocky or sandy places, near the sea and on cliffs

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