Mushrooms with herbs recipe

Recipe of mushrooms with herbs

Ingredients for mushrooms with herbs (4 people):

- ½ kilo of mushrooms.

- thyme

- oregano

- parsley

- Lemon juice.

- Olive oil.

- Salt

Preparation of mushrooms with herbs:

- Wash the mushrooms and cut them well.

- After washing the mushrooms well and removing the damaged or unserviceable parts, cut them in slices.

- Add 4 teaspoons of Olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice and stir all the ingredients.

- Sprinkle the thyme and oregano and a little salt, stir well, and with the help of a fork display the mushrooms in a decorative on a tray.

- Decorate the tray with a sprig of parsley.

When to serve mushrooms with herbs:

Used them as a starter.

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