Purslane salad

Benefits of purslane salad



- Lettuce (30 g approx.)

- Purslane leaves or other wild vegetable (10 g approx.)

- 3 tomatoes

- Olive oil for seasoning

purslane salad
How to serve this recipe.


- Wash the lettuce leaves and drain them well.

- Wash purslane well. (Do not collect purslane growing up in urban places, or places where it may be contaminated by domestic or wild animals)

- Separate the leaves of purslane.

- Cut the lettuce leaves for salad.

- Mix the lettuce leaves and the purslane and place them in a serving dish.

- Cut the tomatoes into quarters.

- Arrange the pieces of chopped tomatoes as in the photo above.

- Serve as accompaniment.

Properties of purslane salad

This recipe is rich in fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. It also provides valuable flavonoids, with health properties.

We speak of lycopene from tomato, so healthy for the heart; or beta carotene from purslane. They both very suitable to protect and care for skin health.

It's a recipe containing low calories, but a lot of fiber, antioxidants and minerals.

It is recommended in any balanced diet.

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