Black nightshade berries

Solanum nigrum L.


A detail of the plant with the fruits and flowers

Common noun: Black nightshade, Deadly nightshade, Garden nightshade

Scientific noun: Solanum nigrum L. (= Solanum rubrum)

Family. Potato family - Solanaceae

Habitat: Cultivated places, rubbish and by the walls.

Characteristics of black nightshade

Annual herb up to 60 cm. Leaves ovate or rhombic, undivided or slightly toothed, short-stalked. Flowers in stalked cymes, white till 1 cm wide. Very conspicuous anthers, forming a yellow cone. The fruit is a berry, 1 cm. wide, green.

Picking and storing black nightshade

Leaves and the whole plant should be picked in Summer, when the plant is in its bloom.

They should be dried in a dark place and stored in a clean airtight container.

Active components: Solanine


Internal use

Although it has been used as an analgesic, anti-spasmodic and sedative (Stomachache, liver, etc.), since it is very dangerous, it is not advised to use it internally.

External use

A decoction of a handful of leaves should be used against skin diseases, skin ulcers, arthritis, bruises etc.

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