Remedies for bruises


Remedies to accelerate the recovery of the skin

Besides a suitable phytotherapy (Sees “Remedies for hematomas” in the listing below) you can apply a number of supplements that may help prevent bruising, to speed healing to decrease their symptoms.

These supplements can be supplied only when you are absolutely sure that the cause of the bruising does not correspond to physical illness, so it is advisable to consult your physician about the appropriateness of these treatments.

How to cure bruises with supplements?

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Arnica supplements are used to treat bruises

Among the main supplements of vitamins and minerals we have the following:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C supplements, as antioxidants, help the recovery of the area affected by a bruise. Likewise, the use of this vitamin at higher doses, immediately after the occurrence of the stroke or trauma, helps reduce inflammation. The usual dose is about 70 mg per kilo of body weight per day, spread over three main meals.
  • Vitamin A: Like vitamin C, vitamin A restorative properties of blood vessels will accelerate the disappearance of bruises. The usual dose is 70 IU per kilo of weight, spread in the three main meals.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E, like the previous vitamins, helps bruises disappear more easily. The usual dose is 70 IU per kilo of weight, spread in the three main meals.
  • Zinc and selenium: They are two minerals that help prevent bruising. A complex of vitamin B, C, E, plus selenium and zinc, according to the conditions of the information leaflet will help improve the healing of these skin lesions.

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25 August, 2021

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