Acidic food List

The most important acidic foods

List of foods according to their acidifying or alkalizing effects

Due to little familiarity with this classification, some possible doubts are clarified with asterisks (*) below the table.

Acidifying or alkalizing foods


* Some authors consider these foods (whole grains and legumes) neutral because they contain both acidifying and basifying minerals in balance.

** There is some controversy about dairy. Although it is true that they contain a lot of calcium, a basifying mineral, they are also rich in phosphorus, present in their proteins. Protein-rich dairy products such as aged and fatty cheeses are considered more acidifying.

**** Because seitan is pure gluten protein, it is considered acidifying. On the other hand, tofu and tempeh are “crushed”, “whole” legumes, with all their minerals.

****** Iodized salt is very important in a diet poor in seafood because it is an essential source of iodine. Unlike sea salt (neutral), iodized salt, being rich in iodine, is considered acidifying, although very healthy. We reiterate that an acidic food is not detrimental to health, but to the overall balance of the diet.

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5 November, 2021

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