Polemic about "Papaver alpinum L. ssp rhaeticum(Ler)Havek"

Exists Papaver alpinum plant?

Dear Mr. Barnola:

Having taken a look on the page that speaks about Papaver alpinum L., I would like to comment you that in summer 1999, exactly on 26 July 1999, on Eristes' pass, 2890 m. over sea level, in central Pyrinees, I found some samples of this plant which I believed to be Papaver alpinum. After reading your article, I doubt how to determine this papaveraceae. Looking at the photograph I took, their petals seem imbricate and the stamens are longer than the ovary, and maybe it is ssp. rhaeticum. I only can assure this discovering and perhaps illuminate some other answers. I send you the photo, scanned of the plant, which maybe it is not completely perfect. Sorry

Yours sincerely,
Joaquim Perez.

Pere Barnola.

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