Anemone nemorosa L.

Wood anemone


Anemone nemorosa

Photo of Anemone nemorosa L.

Anemone nemorosa L. - (Wood anemone)

Perennial herb of the Buttercup family -Ranunculaceae- up to 30 cm. Erect stems, a little bit hairy, springing from a crawling rhizomatous root. Stem leaves, generally in whorls of 3, largely stalked, palmatilobed; basal ones generally absent. Solitary flowers, till 4 cm, white, generally tinged with violet or pink, with 4-6 tepals. Fruits in hanging nucules. Humid woods of deciduous planifolius trees in mountains, meadows or as a cultivated flower.

Inflorescències Planta medicinal

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