Petroselinum crispum (Miller) A. W. Hill.



Petroselinum crispum

Photo of Petroselinum crispum

Petroselinum crispum (Miller) A. W. Hill. / Petroselinum hortense Auct. / Petroselinum sativum Hoffm. - (Parsley)

Perennial scented plant of the Carrot family -Umbelliferae- up to 1 m. Bent stems. Leaves below tripinnate, with wide cuneate leaflets, curly in cultivated species; upper leaves with three lobes. Flowers in umbels till 5 cm wide, flat above. Ovate fruits, till 3 mm. Cultivated plant, sometimes naturalised in many places of Europe. It can be found in cool places by the walls and rocks.

Medicinal plant. See properties Study of plants

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