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How to feed oneself during the treatment of the anemia?

Anemia is caused primarily by a lack of iron or poor absorption of this component. A diet rich in foods containing much iron is the most appropriate way to prevent anemia.

Once the body is under this condition, maybe the use of foods high in iron and will not be enough to cure anemia and require the use of supplements.(See complements for anemia in the listing above)

Among the main iron-rich foods we have:

- Animal foods: liver, red meat, blue fish and seafood.

- Vegetal foods: green vegetables, legumes and integral cereals.

Main sources of iron in a ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet

Types of iron. What type of iron is the best one?

Iron from animal sources is absorbed more easily than is derived from plant sources. While "iron heme, from meat, is absorbed in 30%, " non heme " iron from plants, is absorbed only 10%.

However, it has been shown that vitamin C helps improve the absorption of iron comes from plant sources. Therefore, eating foods rich in vitamin C will help absorb more iron from food.

Nutritionists recommend that you should eat a minimum of 75 mg of vitamin C at every meal (75 mg of vitamin C are found, for example, a cup of orange juice, from pineapple or papaya in a cup of cabbage or of strawberries. in vegetarians should accompany the meal with salads with tomato, to eat crude cucumber, dates, citruses or foods of the group of the cabbages) (More information on rich vitamin C and foods in this vitamin)

Cooking with cast iron utensils is advised to vegan. Cooking acidic foods in these items helps to dissolve iron and incorporate it into your diet. Acidic foods are also very interesting

Although there is no iron deficiency, the lack of some vitamins prevents iron absorption, as occurs with vitamin B12 or folic acid. Therefore eating foods rich in vitamin B12 or folic acid is one way to prevent anemia.

It is important to eat citrus fruits because they facilitate the absorption of iron.

Good and bad foods for anemia

Among the good food for anemia is that one which contains a lot of folic acid. Foods rich in folic acid are:

- Animal foods such as liver, meat and certain fish. Also milk and its derivatives.

- Vegetal foods contain very little, unless they have been added this vitamin. (More information on the B12 vitamin)

- Among rich-folic acid foods we have:

- Vegetal Foods: among these we must mention the legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and certain fruits. (More information on rich-folic acid foods)


"Bad" foods for anemia

There are certain foods that are not advisable for anemia because they interfere in the absorption of iron.

Tannins: Is tea good for anemia?

Although tea, especially green tea, is one of the plants with highest content in iron, the presence of tannins, which blocks the absorption of iron, makes this plant rather detrimental for the anemia patients.

Other plants not suitable because of their tannin content are, for example: coffee, thyme, bearberry, sage, lentisc, purple loosestrife, penny royal or the dog rose.

Do not drink infusions of these plants during meals if you have low levels of iron. It is better to wait one hour after eating before drinking them.

Milk and its derivatives block the absorption of plant iron (heme iron), but do not block the iron from foods of animal origin (serum iron) It's better to have milk outside meals.

With regard to whole grains and legumes, some nutritionists believe that these foods are rich in iron but contain fiber and phytates which inhibit its absorption. Others believe that although some iron may be inhibited, they contribute with much folic acid and vitamin B12, and the patient should not stop eating them.

punto rojo More information on anemia in the listing above.

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