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Pinus mugo Turra / Pinus montana Miller / Pinus mughus Scopolino

Mountain Pine, Mugo Pine


Pinus mugo

Photo of Pinus mugo

Pinus mugo Turra / Pinus montana Miller / Pinus mughus Scopolino - (Mountain Pine, Mugo Pine)

Perennial small tree or bush of the Pine family -Pinaceae- up to 3 m (in very few cases it reaches 10). Repent or multiply stems, twisted, with blackish gray bark. Dark green, brilliant, very rigid and prickly leaves, curved, from 3 to 8 cm, grouped in couples. Female cones between 3 and 6 cm long, placed horizontally, sessile, isolated or in groups of 2 or 3, of greenish red color when they are young and browner and brilliant as they mature. Protuberances of the scales of the cones (apophysis) non prominent. Seeds of small size. It blooms from May to June. (See properties)

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