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Drawing of caraway with a detail of the flower and the fruit in the upper right

Common English name: Caraway, meridian fennel, Persian cumin

Common name in other languages

– Spanish: alcaravea, alcarahueya, carvia, alcaravia, comino de prado, hinojo de prado.

– Catalan: Comí de prat, fenoll de prat, matafaluga borda

– Portuguese: alcaravia, cominho-armênio, cominho,

– French: Cumin des montagnes, cumin des prés

– German: Wiesenkümmel, Echter Kümmel

– Italian: Cumino dei prati, comino

– Polish: Kminek zwyczajny

– Romanian: Chimen

  • Scientific name: Carum carvi

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15 July, 2021

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