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Common English name: Sorghum, milo, great millet, jowari, durra.

Common name in other languages:

– Spanish / Castellano: Sorgo, grano milo, maíz de Guinea, mijo grande, sorgo blanco

sorghum plant

Drawing of sorghum plant

– Catalan / Català: Melca, sorgo, dacsa de bou, mill de les Índies.

– Galician / Galego: Sorgo

– Portuguese / Português: Sorgo

– Basque / Euskara: Basartoa

– Italian / Italiano: Sorgo, sagina

– Romanian / Română: Sorg

– French / Français: Sorgo commun

– German / Deutsch: Mohrenhirse, Milo, Besenkorn, Guineakorn, Shallu,

– Polish/ Polski: Sorgo

– Dutch /Nederlands: Kafferkoren

– Norwegian /Norsk bokmål: Durra

– Finnish /Suomi:Durra

– Turkish / Türkçe: Süpürge darısı

– Russian /Русский: Сорго зерновое

– Afrikans: Sorghum

In Africa: kafir, lasted, mtama.

India: iowar.

China: kaoliang.

  • Scientific name: Sorghum bicolor

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9 February, 2022

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