Glycerin soap recipe

How to make natural glycerin soap at home


Ingredients, utensils and equipment:



  • – 1 pan to heat (f)
  • 1 smaller plastic container as above (g)
  • 1 source of heat (electric stove, gas, kitchen, etc.) (H)
  • Silicone molds. (I)
  • Knife (j)
  • Paper towels, felt or cloth (k)
  • Sticks to remove (l)


Blend glycerin to Bain Marie:


  • Cut the glycerin into small pieces.
  • Place a pan over the fire with water.
  • Place the pieces in a plastic container. Place the container with the pieces of glycerin into the water. Light the fire and let it slowly dissolve to BainMarie.
  • Go on stirring from time to time in a circular way, without hitting it from top to bottom to avoid bubbles.

Prepare the silicone molds


While the pieces are melting

  • Spread the silicone molds with a wick of paper or cloth dipped in Olive oil. In this way you ensure that the glycerin soap can be taken out from molds easily once cold.
  • Add the desired herbs into each mold.
  • Pour the glycerin into the molds:


Once the glycerin is liquid:

  • Pour the glycerin into the molds.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring and flavoring in each mold and stir with a stick.
  • Wait to cool.

Take the glycerin soaps out form the molds:


Once the glycerin soap molds are well compact

  • Take the glycerin soap out from the molds.
  • With a knife, carefully clean the soap, removing the remaining parts of the edges of each soap.
  • And… so we get beautiful glycerin soaps as healthy as the following !!!


Watch the video of the whole process

punto rojo More information on glycerin.

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19 March, 2019

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