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Picture of pasqueflower (Pulsatilla spp.)

Pasqueflower is a protected plant so it cannot be harvested in the wild, although there is the possibility of growing it in cool places. Among the main characteristics of its cultivation, we can mention the following:

Where to place pasqueflowers?

Pasqueflowers can be used to decorate slopes or rockeries outdoors. For this they must be planted in a cool place in semi-shade. They are plants that resist the cold very well since the wild species live in elevated areas, although it is convenient to protect the stems if the winter cold is very intense.

They prefer cold winters and cool summers and do not do well when planted in mild climates.

How to multiply pasqueflowers?

They are plants that can reproduce from seeds that we will plant in spring.

The most normal thing is to multiply them from rhizomes when autumn begins.

What kind of land do they need?

The best terrain is the one that is formed by a mixture of garden soil with sand and mulch.

When should pasqueflowers be watered?

They require regular watering, almost daily but not very intense. It is not advisable to flood the soil.

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8 May, 2022

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