Carnitine to lose weight

Does carnitine help us lose weight?

Is carnitine suitable for weight loss?

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L-Carnitine supplement is generally used as a help to lose weight

Indeed, carnitine supplements are used as an aid to lose weight along with a proper diet low in calories and the appropriate exercise for each person.

Why  does carnitine makes you lose weight?

Carnitine is suitable for weight loss because it manages to metabolize fats in a more appropriate way. Carnitine helps not only to transport fats through the blood, but also helps them to get better into the cells.

Carnitine accelerates metabolism, favoring greater fat burning (fat-burning effect).

This allows greater energy efficiency and greater consumption of fats taken from food.

In this way, the amount of leftover fat is lower and, therefore, the possibility for it  accumulate under the skin in the form of adipose tissue is also smaller.

Taking carnitine supplements will help reduce weight and reduce body volume, creating a more fibrous body with a lower proportion of fat.

How to take carnitine to lose weight?

It is always better to get the carnitine from the diet. Remember that meat has the highest amount of carnitine and that it is also found in high amounts in milk and milk products.

Vegetable products contain very low amounts of carnitine, although we can also use supplements of plant origin such as brewer’s yeast or wheat germ.

Within the carnitine supplements, the L-Carnitine form is the most effective way to achieve weight reduction, because this form is the one that the cells absorb better.

This type of supplement can be obtained in stores of natural products, especially in the section of sports supplements.

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10 January, 2024

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