How to eat miso

How to cook miso

Traditional recipes with miso: Soup

The best known preparation in the western world is miso soup, which is usually made with a broth made by a series of vegetables, roots and seaweed, which vary according to the taste of the consumer.

Generally, recipes with miso accompany turnips, carrots, shiitake mushrooms (or mushrooms), ginger, onion, kombu, …

How to introduce miso in the recipes?

Miso soup
Miso soup
  • Miso is added at the end. You should not boil it
  • Miso should be introduced into the soup once it is ready to serve and not before, since the boiling temperature could minimize its nutritional contribution by causing loss of some nutrients.
  • A tablespoon of miso is dissolved in part with a little hot broth
  • When it is well dissolved, it is added to the soup.

We can find many other preparations that contain miso as an ingredient, since, if used as a condiment, they can range from vegetables with miso sauce, to salads or any stew where you want to include this ingredient.

Main miso dishes in the kitchen of the world

Miso is found as a secondary ingredient in many recipes, especially Japanese cuisine:

  • Dashi: It is the basic broth with miso, kombu seaweed and fish, which then serves to accompany many preparations.
  • Kenchinjiru: Typical soup among the Buddhist monks, with stewed vegetables. It includes miso in its broth.
  • Hoba Miso: Slow-cooked soybean paste wrapped in magnolia leaves, with vegetables.
  • Kaiyaki-Miso: Scallops and egg, seasoned with miso in the soup where scallops are cooked.
  • Agedashi tofu or agé: Fried Tofu, served with Dashi broth, made with a miso base.
  • Ganmo or ganmodoki: Vegetable tofu burgers with seeds and vegetables, consumed in Japan.
  • Tentsuyu: A sauce with miso is used to season Onigiris, Japanese rice balls wrapped in nori, or vegetables in tempura, typical Japanese recipes.

Where to buy miso

In today’s market we can find this packaged food in various ways, all of them in the refrigerated section. Having a high salt content, its deterioration is rare, but, to prevent such a thing, it  is recommended to keep in a closed container in refrigeration.

Some miso recipes

Miso soup

– Homemade miso

– Rice with miso sauce

Soba noodles with vegetables

– Miso  with vegetables



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29 September, 2021

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