Miso for babies

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Can babies eat miso? Miso for children

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Recommendations for babies regarding miso consumption

Miso recommendations for babies should be similar to those that should be taken into account for other fermented foods such as yogurt or kefir, that is, starting at 12 months of age.

Miso is also a product with a lot of salt that should not be given too often.

Miso is among foods with a lot of salt, especially sodium, it is not considered necessary to contribute in large quantities of this mineral, especially at such early ages.

Miso and soy

Since miso is also a fermented product from soybeans, it should not be provided to babies until they are one year old.

How to enter miso in babies or children diet?

As with any other food, it will preferably be introduced in the morning or noon, so that you can check any abnormal reaction in time after eating it.

It is recommended to introduce this food after acceptance of other fermented foods, such as yogurt or kefir (if they tolerate dairy).

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12 December, 2019

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