Benefits and dangers of supplements for sport

Is it necessary that athletes take supplements?

Are supplements for athletes beneficial?

We must specify that the beneficial effects that are intended to achieve with the consumption of these supplements, can be achieved through a diet adapted to the needs of each athlete, depending on the type of sport and requirements needed.

However, sometimes, depending on the quantities that you want to administer, they can be a complementary source of easy access, which will help meet the required needs.

Things to consider before taking supplements for athletes

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An adapted diet for an athlete is the best way to increase muscle power, resistance and other sport needs. Supplements must serve to achieve this type of diet.

Supplements for athletes should never be used as a substitute for a diet adapted for athletes, but they can be used as a “complement” to achieve it.

Sports supplements are considered dietary supplements that do not have to demonstrate their scientifically proven efficacy, as with drugs.

This lack of scientific evidence raises possible doubts, although mostly unproven, of its supposed beneficial effects. That is, they may or may not have the effects attributed to them.

Therefore, if you want to use them, you should always should them  with caution and without exceeding the recommended doses, as they can cause harmful effects for the health of the consumer.

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15 August, 2022

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