Side effects of creatine

Consequences of taking creatine supplements

stomach ache
Some people can experience stomach ache when taking creatine supplements

Does creatine have any side effects?

A not excessive consumption of creatine is quite safe, however it can produce adverse reactions in certain people that manifest themselves in the form of stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea or muscle pain.

There are suspicions that creatine could be responsible for the occurrence of tachycardia.

Creatine may be responsible for weight gain, because it promotes fluid retention.

Negative effects of creatine abuse

Excessive or too continuous use of protein supplements can affect the liver or the kidneys, which have to work too hard to eliminate the excess of urea that occurs in the metabolism of proteins.

On the other hand, an excess of urea in the body can contribute to eliminate calcium, with the consequent risk of osteoporosis.

The use of creatine with stimulants such as caffeine or ephedrine may be responsible for strokes.

Do not abuse carbohydrates together with creatine

Carbohydrates increase the properties of creatine. Taking creatine along with a large number of carbohydrates could lead to excessive accumulation of this component in the muscles.

Creatine can increase the negative effects of certain medications, especially those that affect the kidneys.

Do not take creatine on very hot days !!!

Creatine extracts water from cells, so this supplement should not be taken on very hot days to avoid dehydration problems. In any case, creatine requires a large amount of water to be drunk (A couple of liters a day at least)

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5 July, 2019

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