Does vitamin C help immune system?

Does vitamin c boost our defences?



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Is Vitamin C good for defenses?

The property of vitamin C to increase the defenses is probably one of the most popular properties known about this vitamin, both in foods that contain it as well as in supplements and in medicines that incorporate it.

Is this vitamin really beneficial for defenses?

What are the benefits of vitamin C for immunity?

Vitamin C and its properties for the immune system

The famous properties of vitamin C for the immune system are true.

Probably scientists began to intuit the benefits of vitamin C for defenses when they discovered that this vitamin is found in high concentration inside white blood cells, the immune cells.

Therefore, from this observation it can be deduced that vitamin C is necessary for the immune system to function properly. At present, many benefits have shown that presents this vitamin for our defenses

Properties of vitamin C to increase the defenses

Properties of vitamin C to increase the defenses and improve the immune system

Properties of vitamin C to boost immunity

It has been found that vitamin C has multiple benefits to increase or enhance immunity defenses, which are summarized in the following points:

  • Vitamin C increases the production of lymphocytes, or immune cells defensive
  • Stimulates chemotaxis, which is the displacement of defensive cells to the tissue being attacked by bacteria.
  • Stimulates phagocytosis, which is the process by which the immune system sequesters microorganisms or harmful substances of the organism
  • Increases Natural Killer activity, the “murderers” of the immune system cells. They fight against pathogens very actively. Without the natural killer (NK) many infectious bacteria could not be destroyed
  • Regulates the immune system by the complement system, which are responsible for amplifying the defensive response
  • Reduces allergy symptoms, having antihistamine effect.

Vitamin C against viruses?

In addition to its properties to stimulate the defense cells against bacteria and fungi, good levels of this vitamin also increases the synthesis of interferon, a defense that can also act against viruses and the diseases they cause.

Vitamin C against cancer?

People with a depressed immune system have been linked to certain cancers. In that sense, one can say that vitamin C in some cases can help prevent cancer.

In addition, since the time of Hippocrates it has been found that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, foods rich in vitamin C, prevents the development of many cancers and other diseases.

Vitamin c for cold and flu

Vitamin C boosts immunity and helps fight diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Reduce symptoms and shortens the time of an illness.

Is vitamin C good for colds?

Ultimately vitamin C is actively working to maintain a good immune system, so that we will better meet these infections. Although it does not prevent the flu or runny nose, it will help reduce their symptoms and will shorten these illnesses.

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6 September, 2022

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