How to obtain fat in a Mediterranean diet

Sources of fat in the Mediterranean diet


Food with fat in the Mediterranean diet

Sources of fats in the Mediterranean dietSources of omega fats in the Mediterranean diet

Fat is an essential nutrient for our body, if we assume that all body cells are formed, in most part, by fats.

Good quality and balance of fats that are present in the Mediterranean diet, is responsible for much of their profits.

Foods rich in fats in the Mediterranean diet are associated with the prevention of cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, lower incidence of depression and prevention of dementia and degenerative diseases.

The Mediterranean dietary, fat is contributed by olive oil, nuts and oily fish.

In recent years it has introduced the avocado, with characteristics similar to olive oil, which has been given the nickname of the American olive.

Fats provide 30% of daily calories in the diet. For people with diabetes, this percentage may reach 35%.

Very important fat sources in the Mediterranean diet

  • Olive oil used in moderate amounts, both for dressing as for cooking. Omega 9 fats better withstand frying temperatures, and the are the basis of the typical Mediterranean sauce. Besides the benefits of Omega 9, olive oil helps to balance the diet. The recommended amount is between 30 50ml. olive oil a day (35 tablespoons).
  • Nuts are very present in the Mediterranean diet. The can be introduced as dessert (“Musician dessert“) or in the traditional “ground” (ground nuts and sauteed or added to sauces), which is the basis of many dishes. In addition, consumption abounds almonds and hazelnuts, rich in Omega 9

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18 January, 2023

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