Vitamins and minerals for nosebleed

How to treat nosebleeding with supplements


Noni juice containing a bottle of 500 ml. The instructions advise taking a tablespoon or two 30 minutes before the three main meals.

The use of vitamin supplements may help prevent the frequent occurrence of nosebleeds. Among the main supplements would mention the following:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps form collagen which makes it ideal for wound healing. It has been proved that ingestion of this vitamin along with bioflavonoids can increase up to 6 times collagen production. This strengthens the health of the capillary walls and prevents them from breaking easily. (About 1000 mg per day of vitamin C with bioflavonoids divided into three doses)
  • Vitamin E: It prevents the hardening of the nasal capillaries and helps improve their elasticity. Moreover, like vitamin C, it has healing properties thereby facilitating the healing of wounds inside the nose. (400 IU daily of vitamin E distributed during the two meals)
  • Vitamin K: adequate levels of this vitamin are required for the liver to be capable of producing an enzyme called prothrombin necessary for proper blood clotting. Although it needs a very small amount of this vitamin and the body is able to produce it from food, inadequate diet, ingestion of certain pollutants or certain physical abnormalities (frequent diarrhea, intestinal malabsorption, etc.) Deficiency may occur in some people. A daily tablet of this supplement can help improve the nosebleeds. (See toxicity and contraindications in the study of the vitamin)
  • Copper: Copper promotes the production of collagen which helps to strengthen capillaries. The ingestion of 2 mg daily in the main meal for 4 or 5 days after a heavy nosebleed help healing.
  • Iron: Iron supplements may be of interest to compensate for the decrease of this mineral in people, frequent nosebleeds. (60 mg divided into two main meals)

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20 March, 2019

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