Nutritional value of dried apricots

Nutritional composition of dried apricots

dried apricotsIn short, as mentioned, “orejones” are dried apricots or dehydrated peaches. They contain many sugars, a moderate amount of protein and are very rich in minerals:

Dried apricots contain mainly many sugars, which provide energy. But apricots do not contain fats and, therefore, they do not constitute an energy contribution as important as artificial snacks with added fat (chocolates, pastries, …). This is because fat is the nutrient with the highest amount of calories per gram.

The protein content of dried apricots is moderate (5g per 100g), however, although it is a considerable contribution taking into account that of other fruits, it can not be considered a food rich in this nutrient and should be complemented with other foods rich in proteins

Composition per 100 g of apricots

Composition per 100 g of apricots.
NutrientsFresh /Dehydrated
Water86,35 g / 7,5 g
Energy48 kcal / 320 kcal alto
Fat0,39 g / 0,62 g
Protein1,40 g / 4,90 g alto
Carbohydrates11,12 g / 82,89 g alto
Fiber2,4 g / —-
Potassium296 mg / 1.850 mg alto
Phosphorus19 mg / 157 mg alto
Iron0,54 mg / 6,31 mg alto
Sodium1 mg / 13 mg
Magnesium8 mg / 63 mg alto
Calcium14 mg / 61 mg alto
Copper0,089 mg / 0,57 mg alto
Zinc0,26 mg / 1 mg alto
Selenium0,4 mcg / —-
Vitamin C10 mg / 9,5 mg
Vitamin A2612 UI / 12 669 UI alto
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)0,03 mg / 0,043 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0,890 mg alto / 0,148 mg
Vitamin E0,6 mg / —-
Niacin0,6 mg / 3,58 mg alto

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10 December, 2023

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