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Jaundice is a disorder characterized by the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eye (sclera) as a result of the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood.. More information.

Home remedies for jaundice

Diet for jaundice

– Jaundice in new borns


Kidney failure is the inability of the kidneys to filter urine. This disease can be acute (it occurs suddenly), chronic or terminal in which case it the health of kidneys uses to be so affected that patients would generaly need kidney transplant or dialysis to enable them to filter waste from one’s body. More information.

Home remedies for kidney failure


A renal calculus or kidney stones (renal lithiasis) is a concretation that appears in the kidney after the deposition of mineral crystals. It is a very painful condition in case the stones are placed in the ureter, especially when urinating. More information.

Home remedies for kidney stones

Diet for kidney stones

Oxalate content of foods.


Lack of appetite is determined by the brain because of a lack of stimulation of hunger that may affect a part of the brain known as the “hunger center” More information.

How to increase your appetite

How to diminish appetite

What is appetite.


Lack of sexual desire is a sexual disorder that affects men and women; in a wide sense, it is defined as sexual coldness or lack of interest in sexual intercourse (anaphrodisia) and even as the need to avoid any sexual contact. This term has been replaced by others, such as lack of libido, loss of libido, lack of sexual desire, inhibited sexual desire. More information.


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12 May, 2021

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