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Cervical vertebrae pain or neck pain are unpleasant sensations that are located in the neck or radiating in areas close to it and produce a difficulty in neck movements. More information.

Neck pain remedies

– How to relieve neck pain


Today’s society is so competitive that it subjects the individual to a state of constant stress. This produces a series of nervous system abnormalities. An ideal situation is one that manages to balance the individual providing the tension – relaxation necessary to meet the social and personal challenges without submerging people in continuous nervous disarray. More information.


Nails are a type of modified skin composed of keratin, a type of very tough fibrous protein. They are living parts of our body at the end of the fingers and toes Like the rest of the body, nails can be sick or healthy. Nails aspect provide us with significant cues about overall body health. More information.

Remedies for nails

Diet for nails

Vitamins for nails

– How to cut your nails


Nail fungus are at the bottom of the nail (nail bed) in the space between the nail and flesh, and around itself, feeding on keratin, producing nail diseases. Among them, the most common fungal disease is onychomycosis or tinea unguium. More information.

Remedies for nail fungus

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