Medicinal plant remedies for nail diseases

Herbal remedies for nail diseases


Phytotherapy: Herbal remedies for the nails

The main function of phytotherapy consists of using those plants which purpose will be:

  • Moisturizing plants, that provide or help maintain adequate moisture in the skin
  • Nutritive plants, that provide those nutrients adapted for perfect skin health (See “Diet for nails” in the listing below)

External use preparations for nail diseases

There are a number of plants that help in maintaining beautiful nails:


Yarrow can be used for nails diseases treatment

  • Yarrow: (Achillea millefolium) Make a nails bath with an infusion of a couple of tablespoons per cup of water.
  • Olive: (Olea europaea) If Olive oil is ideal to soften the skin and provide more moisture, this remedy is also very suitable for the nails. (Place in a glass a couple of olive oil and dip your fingers and nails in on for 5 minutes once a day before bedtime)
  • Aloe: (Aloe vera) It is ideal for the treatment of all external conditions of the body, becoming one of the best cicatrizants. Mix some aloe gel (It can be obtained by cutting a sheet of the tender plant with a knife) and a moisturizing lotion (for example, avocado pulp) can be applied once a day.


For a perfect state of the nails we would have to consider the following rules:

  • Take care of the diet, using natural foods that provide proteins, vitamins and minerals for good health of the nails.
  • Try to maintain a balance in the natural oil layer that covers the nails. This has to be done, for example, after washing the dishes, after being in contact with dust, after writing with chalk etc., We will use some cream to wet the nails and and provide the required fat balance. (See this section: dry skin) A way to avoid these problems is to use rubber gloves when you have to make tasks that present a danger to the nails.
  • Maintain standards of cleanliness and hygiene. It is convenient to carry nails clean and cut your nails properly to prevent infections. It is advisable to make a manicure to have the most beautiful nails and to provide massages that activate blood circulation and oils that help hydrate them. (More information about how to cut your nails)
  • If you want to treat a specific problem of the nails, consult the “List of diseases

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19 May, 2021

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