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There are many varieties of mangoes. It is said that in India alone, there are more than a thousand. There are two types from which come all varieties:

The Indian type, is a monoembryonic variety very commercial and widely exported. It resists little moisture and offers vivid colors.

The filipino type: A polyembryonic variety enduring great excess moisture. With the fruit more elongated and less colored than the Indian variety. It stands pests better.

The main varieties of mangoes are:

Apple: with a lot of juice and pretty much acid. It weighs about 350 gr.

Carabao: It comes from the Philippines. It has lots of fiber, high acidity and juicy. It weighs about 300 gr.

Irwin, pulpy and slightly fibrous. It weighs between ¼ of a kilo and half a kilo.

Manila: From Mexico, it has a very yellow flesh with a strong flavor. It weighs about 280 gr.

Parking: Very little acidity. It weighs ½ kilo.

Manga Pink: A little sour and juicy. It comes from Brazil.

Ataulfo: From Hawaii, it is very sweet and aromatic. It weighs between 350 and 700 gr.

Cambodian: From Cambodia, it has plenty of juice and little fiber.

Mabruka: From Israel, it has plenty of fiber. Tang and weighing 400 gr.

Sensation: From Miami (USA), has a very rounded fruit, slightly fibrous and small (200 gr.).

Pairi: From India, it has a spongy texture and a very rounded aspect. Weighs only ¼ kg.

Keitt: Variety from India, very sweet and very little fiber. Weighs a pound and 700 gr.

Julie: It comes from the Caribbean. Is small (about 200 gr.) And has much flavor.

Zill: It comes from South Africa. Very aromatic and slightly acidic. It weighs about 400 gr.

Alfonso: From India. One of the most popular and desirable varieties. It has little fiber, much aroma and great taste. It weighs about 300 gr.

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10 July, 2022

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