Vegetable food with vitamin B12

Vegetable food containing cobalamin or vitamin B12

Are there plant foods rich in vitamin B12?

No, there are no plant foods rich in vitamin B12. After much research, it has been proven that vitamin B12 can only be obtained from foods of animal origin or through supplements.

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet can be healthy but it is deficient in vitamin B12, so it would be advisable to take supplements.

Vitamin B12 in vegetarian diet foods. Has seitan B12? And soy?

Plant foods contain negligible amounts of vitamin B12. It had been said that fermented products such as tempeh or miso could contain a certain amount of B12, although it is not true, or contain minute amounts of this vitamin (depending on the type of yeast).

Other foods like some algae (chlorella and spirulina) are not recommended in general either.

All these sources are not good sources of B12 because they are either very sparse or of doubtful content in this component, or because it is a type of vitamin B12 analogue, that is to say, without biological activity, as in the case of algae.

Foods fortified with vitamin B12. Does an egg-lacto-vegetarian diet provide B12?

Nowadays you can also find vegetable products enriched with this vitamin that could help prevent its deficit.

For this we recommend foods such as vegetable drinks enriched with: calcium, vitamin B and B12, for example.

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11 December, 2019

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