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Medicinal plants


Antioxidants are all those elements that have the function eliminating free radicals from our body...

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Parasitic plants

A parasitic plant is a plant that obtains the required nutrients, wholly o partially, from other plant...

Epiphytic plants

And epiphyte or epiphytic plant is considered any plant that lives on another plant, called host, which uses it as support. They are not the same than parasitic plants.

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Natural medicine


Phlebitis is an inflammation of the veins, especially in the lower extremities, that can be treated with natural remedies such as...

Natural food

Why to eat legumes?

Legumes are an ideal food for any diet, especially for vegetarians who do not eat meat, because they contain a lot of protein. In India...

Magnesium diet

Of all the plant foods, which ones contain more magnesium?...

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Vegetarian recipes

Zucchini cream with cumin

Zucchini is rich in carotenoids, with emollient properties and detoxifying effect. They clean and lubricate our intestinal tract...

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Sorghum cultivation

Due to its tropical origin, sorghum requires high temperatures for normal development. It is an easy plant to grow in fertile soil and moderate-high water availability.

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Native from Alps...

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