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Medicinal plants

Eucalyptus medicinal properties

Eucalyptus has been considered as one of the best plants for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system

Medicinal plants for skin cracks

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Curative diets

Diet for bad breath

A proper diet can prevent the onset of bad breath. On the other hand, avoid foods that cause halitosis is the first rule to avoid bad breath.

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Natural remedies

Fever remedies

In addition to the analgesic properties, there are some plants that also have antipyretic properties, that's to say, they reduce fever,

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Natural food

Nutritional benefits of chickpeas flower

In general, chickpea flour has similar properties to chickpeas, that is to say a food very rich in proteins, carbohydrates,

Chickpeas benefits

Plant cultivation

Daffodils cultivation

It prefers loamy and deep soils that preserve the humidity,and a pH between 6 and 8. When multiple bulbs are planted in the same pot, leave at least 20 cm. between plants.

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Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

The flower of this month is an annual plant of little more than half a meter in height, formerly classified in the family of the Caparidaceae, but currently within the Brassicaceae. Its fruits are in the form of a pod ...

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