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Medicinal plants

Blueberry medicinal properties

American tribes, blueberries have been used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.

Remedies for malaria

More medicinal plants

Curative diets

Main antioxidant fruits

Which fruits to eat to obtain the maximum amount of antioxidants

More curative diets

Natural remedies

Mastitis remedies

Breast inflammation or mastitis can be treated with natural remedies, such as applying a cabbage compress on the swollen breast.

More natural remedies

Natural food

Nutritional benefits of mandarine

Mandarines are very rich in calcium. Calcium together with phosphorus, maintains the balance of the formation of strong bones.

Agar agar nutritional properties

Plant cultivation

Marjoram cultivation

Grow it in calcareous sandy soil, well drained. It does not tolerate clay soils, it is sensitive to persistent moisture and cold

More cultivation plant tips

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

The flower of this month is an annual plant of little more than half a meter in height, formerly classified in the family of the Caparidaceae, but currently within the Brassicaceae. Its fruits are in the form of a pod ...

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