The dangers of anise

Is anise a safe plant?

The use of this plant, in suitable doses, does not present toxicity nor contraindications, except for certain particular reactions in certain sensible people to its components.

Is anise essential oil poisonous?

The internal use of the essential oil in high doses is toxic. It has narcotic properties.

It may cause narcosis, convulsions, problems of circulation and even originate a coma.

Improper use can cause symptoms similar to absinthism, a condition that occurs when you consume too much absinthe, a liqueur which contains anethole.

Absinthism is mainly characterized by lack of muscle strength with possible paralysis, seizures and mental problems (lack of clarity, persecution complex, etc)

Who should not take anise essential oil?

  • Pregnant and nursing women, and children under 6 years old should not ingest the essential oil.
  • People with digestive problems or neurological diseases should not use this oil.

Can essential oil in external use be dangerous?

Used externally, the essential oil can bring about adverse reactions with appearance of blisters or dermatitis in allergic people or with inflammatory diseases of the skin.

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20 November, 2021

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