Medicinal plant remedies for bleeding gums

Herbal treatment for bleeding gums

Phytotherapy: Medicinal plant preparations for bleeding gums and teeth

General aspect of thyme

Among all the possible plants suitable for bleeding gums, we can point out the following:

  • Thyme, wild thyme (washes with the infusion of whole plant)
  • Bramble (mouthwashes with the cooking of the dry leaves.)
  • Lime: (Citrus aurantifolia) (Take lime juice 2 times a day)
  • Plantain (mouthwashes with the juice of the tender leaves.)
  • Mastic (chew it)
  • Sage (mouthwashes with the infusion of dry leaves) (We can also use the green leaves to rub our teeth and gums to the same aim)

Other natural remedies



  • To stop gum bleeding you can apply a compress soaked with cold water. Press gently on your gums for a few minutes.
  • Consult your doctor about taking vitamin K supplements.

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16 July, 2021

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