Does yogurt benefit our defenses?

Is yogurt a good food for the immune system?


How does yogurt benefit our defenses?

Yogurt is a probiotic food, that is to say, it provides us with bacteria that are beneficial for our gut

Yogurt for defenses

Yogurt contains lactic ferments, but it is unclear wether it has either probiotic or health benefits.

Probiotic bacteria are those found naturally in our intestines as part of the intestinal flora.

Taken in supplements, these bacteria have shown benefits to improve the composition of the microbiota or gut health.

The immune system is concentrated in the intestine

The immune system is concentrated in the intestine. In the intestines, ther are the largest and most abundant limph nodes (organs of immunity) throughout the body.

This makes sense because the food is the main route of entry of potential toxins (food poisoning,). In other words, the immune system works “next” to the intestines.

Effects of probiotics to increase the defenses

Intestinal bacteria ferment the fiber and the gases resulting from this fermentation stimulate the walls of the intestines.

There is a section of intestine that is very close to some important lymph nodes, Peyer’s patches. These glands are stimulated by the action of intestinal bacteria, thereby increasing the production of lymphocytes and immunity.

Only some bacteria are considered beneficial because of their immunomodulatory properties:







These bacteria are found naturally in our intestines and feed on the fiber we consume in the diet.

Probiotic foods

Some foods like yogurts contain a moderate amount of bacteria like we have in our intestines. These foods are advertised as probiotics.

Probiotics foods are convenient to take after treatment with antibiotics, which usually damage the intestinal flora.

Are yoghurts good probiotics?

Some experts believe that yogurts and probiotic foods, can not be considered to have probiotic properties.

Although some foods (yogurt, yogurt or bifidus miso) contain healthy bacteria, they are not considered good probiotics because most of the bacteria they contain die in the stomach, because they do not resist the stomach acid.

The only way to ensure a sufficient supply of healthy bacteria and these to be able to arrive intact in the intestine is taking good probiotic supplements.

Who should take probiotic supplements?

– People who want to boost immunity.

– People with constipation problems.

– The intestinal flora is disturbed due to gastroenteritis, diarrhea or digestive diseases.

– During and after treatment with antibiotics.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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20 October, 2021

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