How many calories does yogurt with strawberries have

Calorie content of yogurt with strawberries

yogurt with strawberries
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Its calorie content will depend on whether or not we choose skimmed dairy. Strawberry yogurt is an excellent combination of a protein and calcium rich food, such as yogurt, with all the antioxidants in strawberries.

Benefits of yogurt with strawberries:

  • Strawberries provide us with antioxidants against cholesterol. They are very diuretic fruits, which in weight loss diets help eliminate fat from the body.
  • Yogurt provides probiotics that improve our health through the good state of the intestinal flora.
  • Foods with probiotics like yogurt are especially recommended for people with constipation, flatus, intestinal diseases, or who have just taken antibiotics. In these cases, it is recommended to choose yogurt with bifidus, as it contains bifidobacteria, in addition to the lactic bacteria that all yogurts have.

Nutritional value: composition

FoodCalories (Kcal)Proteins (g.)Carbohydrates (g.)
Low fat yogurt59,85,407,90
FatsFats (g.)Fiber (g.)
Low fat yogurt0,400,00

In case of consuming plain non-skim yogurt, the total calories would reach this value: 140 Kcal.

In case of consuming sweetened yogurt, the total calories would reach this value: 167 Kcal.

In case of consuming Greek type yogurt, the total calories would reach this value: 235 Kcal.

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10 December, 2023

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