Lavender cotton properties

Lavender cotton medicinal properties

Properties of Santolina chamaecyparissus

Common noun: Lavender cotton.

Scientific noun: Santolina chamaecyparissus L.

Family: Daisy family – compositae

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Habitat: Mainly in dry calcareous places, by the side of the paths and shrubs.

Characteristics of cotton lavender

Perennial shrub up to 50 cm. Ligneous, odorous stems. Leaves profoundly divided, with round lobes, sometimes cotton-like, sometimes glabrous. Yellow flowers in globular heads, with long peduncles, consisting only of tubular flowers, without ligules from 1 to 6 cm, very fragrant.

Picking-up and storing: The plant must be picked up in summer, when in full bloom. It must be stored in a dark place inside a clean air tight container.

Medicinal properties of lavender cotton

Internal use remedies with lavender cotton

  • Digestive: Its properties are similar to the rest of chamomiles, favoring digestion in those cases when, flatulence, stomachache, gastritis, hiatal hernia, heartburn, etc. appear) (Infusion of 7 flowerheads in a cup of boiling water. Two cups a day)
  • Vermifuge: (To get rid of intestinal worms) (2 a 4 gr. of seed power mixed with honey. Also 20 drops of essence melt in a lump of sugar)
  • Amenorrhea: For temporary lack of menstruation (Infusion of a teaspoon of flowers by water glass. 2 glasses per day)


External use preparations with lavender cotton

  • Hair loss or hair colour: (To prevent baldness and make hair fairer) (Wash one’s hair with the decoction of 60 grams of flowers per liter.)

Toxicity of lavender cotton

It has been suspected that it might be toxic in cases of pregnancy and suckling, with possibility of abortion. In addition, under high concentrations, it might bring about vomiting of stomachache.

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18 December, 2021

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