Medicinal plants for liver cancer

Liver cancer medicinal plant supplements

Because of the high level of mortality in cancer patients, the most important aspect is the early diagnosis.

It is the specialist who has to determine the treatment depending on the patient’s condition and the evolution of the disease. Natural cancer treatment is a complement to conventional treatments, among which we can mention surgery, the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

From the holistic point of view, including some advice, we must mention the following:

Change of lifestyle: We have to seek for healthier life, eliminating those things that may have had a potential influence in the appearance of the disease. These could include:

  • Giving up toxic ingestion of tobacco and alcohol, nonprescription drugs, and stimulants such as coffee.
  • Avoid stress. Stress is one of the major causes of free radicals that cause many diseases among which is cancer.
  • Removing external contaminants such as toxic fumes, fumes, etc..
  • Follow a diet based on natural foods of plant origin and eliminate food of animal origin or their industrially treated derivatives. Foods rich in refined sugars, refined flour or sweeteners are not recommended. We should also avoid those containing many preservatives or dyes.

Maintain a positive attitude towards the future: Although it is difficult, since it is an illness that causes much fear and personal distress, a positive attitude about the possibilities of healing promotes the recovery. Personal nervousness or depression cause a decrease in the defenses of the body, which is not adequate to overcome the disease.

Physical exercise: Physical activity reduces stress and decreases the nervousness of the cancer patients; at the same time, it is a good resource to prevent depression or improve the mood.

Use those resources that plants or their natural derivatives offer

Phytotherapy: Herbal remedies for liver cancer

The primary role of phytotherapy to help improve the treatment of liver cancer involves the use of a number of plants whose function would be:

  • Increasing the immunity, ie the body’s own ability to fight cancer cells and prevent or delay its progression.
  • Alleviating or reducing the symptoms as far as possible, especially in regard to pain treatment.
  • Counteracting the side effects that conventional treatments can cause. Well known side effects that chemotherapy can produce are nausea, fatigue, vomiting and even infections.

Medicinal plant preparations for liver cancer

Some plant extracts have proved to be very useful in the treatment of liver cancer. The main plants are:


From mistletoe iscador is obtained. This derivative can decrease or inhibit the growth of cancer cells

  • Mistletoe (Viscum album): Although there are still no tests with cancer patients, it seems that injections of a derivative of mistletoe called Iscador, can increase body immunity and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Applied after treatment, it prevents the tumor from reappearing (Consult with your physician to prescribe this drug, since it is only given under prescription)
  • Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) Like mistletoe, the liquid extract of Siberian ginseng increases immunity when used on a regular basis in a period of approximately one month.
  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis): Green tea extract prevents the development of cancer. The usual daily dose is about 500 mg, divided into two doses.
  • Vine (Vitis vinifera) grape seed extract prevents the development of cancers. The dose is established on a 100 mg daily to start the day.
  • St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) or St. John’s wort extract. St. John’s Wort is used to help stop the spread of cancer cells.
  • Yew (Taxus brevifolia): A derived from the bark of the American yew called taxol, can help to prevent possible relapses, if used in combination with other treatments to cure cancer before metastasis (such as breast cancer after having had remove the breast mastectomy). (Consult the specialist to provide the most appropriate dose and information about the contraindications).
  • Yew (Taxus baccata): The taxotere is derived from European yew. It is used to fight cancer in the early stages of metastasis. (Consult with the specialist to provide the most appropriate dose and information about the contraindications)
  • Maitake(Grifola frondosa) may be helpful in the treatment of cancer. It can reduce the dose of chemicals in the treatment of chemotherapy, while at the same time protecting their cells from damage caused by them.

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13 June, 2021

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