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What are cardiotonic plants?

Cardiotonic plants are those that tone the heart.

Cardiotonic plants potentiate the heart muscle and have a positive effect on circulation.

A toned heart has more force to push the blood through the arteries getting a better blood supply of all the body cells.

We also need to tone the heart so as it can maintain a proper rhythm, preventing abnormalities such as tachycardias (very fast heart rate), arrhythmias (decompensated rhythm) or bradycardia (slow heart rhythm).

A stronger heart is able to withstand stress better and is less prone to accidents, such as heart attacks.

Which plants are suitable for the heart?

Anticoagulant plants and anticholesterol plants, together with cardiotonic plants, are the best friends for the heart.

Ginkgo leaves

Anticoagulant plants prevent or remedy the formation of clots that could clog arteries and be responsible for many vascular accidents.

Ginkgo leaves preparation are very good as anticoagulants

Also anticholesterol plants will be able to reduce or treat bad cholesterol, which so many problems can cause to heart health and arteries.


Garlic, another fantastic anticoagulant, very suitable for high cholesterol

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12 May, 2021

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