Medicinal properties of potatoes


Raw potato remedies for internal use are not recommended.

Traditionally, the emollient properties of potatoes and their juice were used internally to combat stomach problems, since they give it antacid properties.

To do this, they peeled several potatoes and mashed them. Subsequently, the juice was filtered through a cloth and half a cup was taken a couple of times a day. The same preparation was considered adequate to combat liver problems.

Given the possible toxicity of raw potatoes, the home preparation of medicinal products with raw potatoes for internal use is discouraged. Instead, it is more advisable to eat boiled and cooled potatoes as a home remedy for stomach and intestinal disorders.


Its richness in starch gives it healing properties in external use on the skin.

Potatoes are one of the most starchy foods. The plant with the highest starch content is the exotic durian (Durio zibethinus L). It is a tree of the Bombacaceae family that is cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, with a very distinctive fruit due to its size that can reach 25 cm. and whose roasted seeds are eaten as if they were chestnuts.

Why is starch good for the skin?

Starch is a component with emollient properties, that is, skin softeners. When applied to the skin, starch reduces inflammation, soothes pain and reduces swelling.

Other plants rich in starch are cassava (Manihot esculenta), rice (Oryza sativa L), mango fruits (Mangifera indica L.) and chestnuts (Castanea sativa).

potato plant
Detail of the potato plant, with flowers, fruits and leaves. The fruits, unlike the tubers (potatoes), are toxic, as are the flowers and leaves.

Medicinal uses of potatoes in external applications

face mask
Potato face mask

The crushed potato juice can be applied as an ointment on sore areas of the body to combat pain or reduce inflammation or to heal wounds, being interesting in cases of blows, sprains, frostbite, blisters, bruises, burns, including burns caused by the sun or cold – frostbite – or chilblains, etc..

Boiled potato can be used for skin care. Masks can be made for the treatment of facial acne. (See Masks for acne). And it is particularly suitable for use in pimple masks.

You can also apply the peeled potato slices on the affected body part. Very common home remedies in this regard are placing a slice of fresh peeled potato on a sunburn or any other type of burn or applying it to tired or sore eyes to soothe them.

Likewise, the same treatment can be applied on sore joints affected by rheumatism in order to calm the pain. The application of a raw slice on tired and irritated eyes helps to reduce inflammation, being equally interesting this home remedy to treat conjunctivitis or dark circles.

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4 May, 2023

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