Malva sylvestris L. (Common Mallow)

Common Mallow


Malva sylvestris

Photo of Malva sylvestris L.

flower malva sylvestris

Photo of Malva sylvestris L. flowers

Malva sylvestris L. – (Common Mallow)

Perennial plant of the mallow family – malvaceae – up to 1,5 m. Hairy stems, ligneous at the base, spreading or erect. Very variable leaves, generally palmately divided and lobed, with toothed lobes, with long stalks. Pink or purple flowers, with darker purple veins, 2 to 4 cm wide Sepals twice or four times smaller than petals. Fruits with protruding angles, downy. By the side of the paths, waste lands and dry grasslands.

Medicinal plant. See properties Study of plants Cultivation details

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