Plant foods and animal foods rich in magnesium

List of foods that contain a lot of magnesium

How much magnessium do foods contain?

The following list offers us a relation of the main vegetarian and non-vegetarian food rich in magnessium. They are classified according to the different food group from higher to lower amount. Following each food, we show you the amount of magnesium it contains, expressed in miligrams per 100 grams of weight.


Foods of vegetal origin that contain more magnesium

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest foods in magnesium

Brown wheat bread, 86. Rice Bread, 80. Pita bread, 69. Rye bread, 40. Oat bread. 35. Italian Bread, 27. French bread, 27.

Foods of animal origin that contain a lot of magnesium

Among the foods of animal origin with a lot of magnesium we will emphasize:

  • Molluscs: Snails, 250 mgs Buccino, 86, scallop, 56. Cockles, 50. Oysters, 47. Abalone, 48. Clam, 18.
  • Milk: Skimmed milk powder, 110. Whole milk powder, 85. American pasteurized milk, 31. Milk of buffalo, 31. European pasteurized milk, 28 fluid milk chocolate, 28. Condensed milk, 26. Milk powder, 24. Homogenized whole milk, 19. Sheep milk, 18. Goat’s milk, 14. Fat milk, 15. Skim milk, 11. Whey, 10. Human milk, 3.
  • Milky products: Especially the cheeses: Hard cheese of goat, 54 mgs. Parmesan, 50 mgs. Mozzarela, Roman Cheese, 41. Cheese of La Mancha semicured, 39 mgs Swiss Cheese, 36. Roquefort, 30. Gruyere, 36. Aged cheese, cheddar, gouda, provolone, 28. Asadero cheese, 26. Cheese for fondue, mozzarela 23. Brick heese, 24. Feta cheese, 19. Brie or Camenbert cheese, 20. Skimmed yogurt, 17. Whole yogurt, 12 mgs, Riccota, 11. Fresh cheese, 5, skimmed, 6.
  • Butter has only 2 mgs
  • Eggs: 10 mgs
  • Seafood: Shrimps, prawns, Norway lobsters, 75 mgs. Shrimp, 37. Stroke, lobster, 35. Cuttlefish, octopus, 30.
  • Fish: Caviar, 300. Fresh salmon, 95. Halibut, 83. mackerel 76. coal miner, 67. Black codfish, 55. Turbot, 51. Fresh tuna, 50. Shark, 49. Crab sticks (Surimi), 43. Canned anchovies, 41. Canned sardines, 39. Sturgeon, 35. Squid, 33. Turbot, herring, cod, 32. Canned tuna, 31. Perch, Sunfish 30. Carp, mullet, smoked salmon, 29. Trout, 22. Anguilla, 20. Tuna in brine, 29.
  • Red meat, especially beef, 27. Turkey, 26, lamb, 22, chicken 20. Fresh pork contains about 28 mg; pork ribs about 22, ham and has about 20 mg.

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22 April, 2022

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