Homemade herb salt recipe

Easy herb salt recipe

What is herbal salt?

Herbal salt or herb salt is a homemade mixture or preparation of sea salt with edible plants, which can be aromatic and/or medicinal herbs. A more flavored salt is obtained, which in addition to salting the food, will add new aromas or properties to the dishes.

What are the benefits of herbal salt?

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Dried aromatic herbs are very rich in potassium. If you don’t eat enough potassium, salt builds up causing fluid retention and hypertension.

The advantage of herb salt is that it allows you to use more aromatic herbs than salt when seasoning food. This is important so that the diet is much richer in potassium than sodium, and therefore more diuretic.

Herbal salt can be taken in any healthy diet, both adults and children.

How is herbal salt used?

Herbal salt is used in the same way as table salt. It should not be used in greater quantity than salt, since then no benefit is achieved.

It also has the advantage of providing a decorative point to dishes, due to the intense green of the herbs.

The objective of this recipe is a personalized salt, rich in aromas and trace elements, from plants.

Herb salt for hypertension?

The sodium content of the salt will vary depending on the amount of herbs added. It is advisable to weigh the ingredients and consult a doctor, especially in case of hypertension.

People who want a low sodium diet should make the recipe with very little salt. For example, for 50 grams of herbal salt: 5 tablespoons of salt (25 grams), and the rest of dried herbs (25 grams).

If well mixed, 1 teaspoon of this herbal salt (5g) will contain: 1,000 mg of sodium (in a normal diet, 2,500 mg should not be exceeded per day).

Nowadays, salt hides under many foods, such as in bread, cookies or sausages. It is not recommended to consume these foods for people suffering from hypertension. If the diet dispenses with them, it may contain a little more herbal salt.

What herbs can you make herbal salt with?

Photo of dried tarragon leaves

It can be prepared with all kinds of dried herbs, combined or just one of them:

Nettle salt recipe

Next we have made a nettle salt. Nettle is a common plant in orchards, known for its stinging properties. Its leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins. Since ancient times, this plant has been appreciated for its medicinal properties.

How to make herb salt

  • Collect young nettle leaves, with the help of gloves and scissors. Put them in a basket or cloth bag.
  • Caution: nettles that have grown on roadsides or busy roads should not be collected, as they may be contaminated.
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The contact of the nettle with the skin produces urticaria, so they should be collected with gloves and avoiding contact with the skin at all times.

  • Let the nettles dry for 4 weeks.
  • Place the dried nettle leaves in a bowl to crush. It can also be ground in a mortar.
  • Mix with sea salt in the desired proportion and mix well. Place in an airtight glass jar. It can be used in recipes in the same way as table salt. Nettle salt has practically no aromas. It has the salty taste of salt. The plant is diuretic and will help counteract sodium.

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8 May, 2024

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