High carbohydrates breakfast

How to get carbohydrates and proteins at breakfast

toast with cheese

Photo of toast with cheese, orange marmalade and a banana. It is a good source of carbohydrates.

Why a breakfast rich in carbohydrates?

This type of breakfast, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, is intended for athletes before competition or during sports training.

A breakfast rich in carbohydrates is used to fill the body with energy (glucose) found in the liver and muscles (liver and muscle glycogen).

These reserves are those that the body uses to strength, winning sprints or gaining endurance during competition.

Foods rich in carbohydrates for breakfast

Foods rich in carbohydrates that can be introduced at breakfast are mainly:

Bread: It’s the food that brings more complex carbohydrates. These are gradually absorbed and improve control of blood sugar. they can be supplemented with cereal or oatmeal . It is recommended to introduce fiber so that the absorption of these nutrients can be slower and more easily assimilated.

Fruits: Choose those with more carbohydrates, such as banana or a big apple. Citrus fruits such as oranges, have an extra benefit, which is the big amount of vitamin C.

Cheese: It is rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B12. Try to find a type cheese or 0% fat to reduce the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.

Nuts: They provide many minerals and a lot of vegetable protein, very important for athletes,.

Antioxidants: Exercise increases the need for antioxidants. Take carrot and orange juice as a good way to get vitamin C of orange, and beta carotene.






Whole carbohydrates


White bread (60 g.)156,65,1030,90
Whole wheat bread(80 g.)176,85,6030,40
Carrot juice with lemon (200 ml.)1485,5929,3
Orange juice (200 ml.)154,02,8028
3 cookies dipped in chocolate (45 g.)223,8328
Dry figs (50 g.)138,01,8027,67
Muesli (45 g.)178,004,1027,50
4 whole digestive cookies (40 g.)187,62,5225,2
Corn cereals (30 g.)113,02,4024,90
Corn flakes cereal (30 g.)1122,424,6
1 banana96,71,1020,80
1 apple83,30,4717,10
1 orange85,61,5615,56

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27 June, 2021

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