Ginger honey benefits and recipe


Instructions for preparing honey ginger

  • Wash, peel and cut the ginger root into small pieces.
  • Place in a container.
  • Fill the container with honey.
  • Let marinate for 4 hours.
  • After a few hours, the honey will have become quite runny.
  • Strain and remove the ginger pieces.
  • Keep honey in the fridge for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Medicinal properties of ginger honey

  • The properties of this honey may vary depending on the type of honey we use to make it.
  • In general, this honey will have an antibiotic effect, because it contains inhibins (honey) and the antibiotic principles of ginger.
  • Very suitable for treating respiratory tract infections due to its antiseptic properties.
  • Ginger honey minimizes irritation and possible throat infections. It is a great protector against various respiratory affections that we can use to prevent winter illnesses.
  • Containing enzymes, honey is an easily digestible food.
  • Ginger is an aphrodisiac, stimulates sexual desire and increases libido.
  • Containing ginger, it has anti-vomiting effects.
  • Ginger is a remedy for dry mouth.

wash, peel and chop the ginger

First, wash, peel and chop the ginger

Fill with honey

Fill with honey

Place in a container

Place in a container

Let marinate for 2 hours.

Let marinate for 2 hours. Strain and store in the fridge

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6 September, 2022

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