Rhubarb jam



– 1 kilo of brown sugar

– 1 kilo of rhubarb petioles, washed and cut into 1-finger-wide pieces (2 cups)

– Optional: grated orange, lemon or cinnamon.

Preparation of the rhubarb jam:

– Blanch the rhubarb with boiling water for 5 minutes and drain (discard the water).

– Pour the scalded rhubarb, sugar and aromatic spices in a pot over medium heat if desired.

– Stir well, and add water to slightly less than half the volume.

– Cook over medium heat and cover for 30 minutes.

– Place in individual containers and serve.

Did you know that…

Rhubarb is a vegetable very rich in oxalic acid or oxalates, substances that prevent the digestion of calcium. Some of these substances can be removed by boiling the stems in water, discarding the broth afterwards.

* More information on rhubarb toxicity.


rhubarb with apple

Photo of rhubarb with apple, prepared to make a dessert.

This jam is very peculiar due to its sweet taste with sour notes.

Rhubarb is not a fruit but a vegetable. Unlike others, this is usually consumed in sweet dishes, and especially mixed with strawberries, with which it combines very well.

Rhubarb contains pectin-type fiber and almost 90% water, which provides a jelly-like texture to the jam and helps to slowly absorb the added sugar. It is possible to indicate that there are different varieties of rhubarb, and among them we must choose the most succulent and visibly reddish for this preparation. Also take into account that there are varieties sweeter and other more bitter.

When using jam in small amounts, we may notice the astringent effects due to the high tannin content of rhubarb.

It is a different recipe and ideal to introduce in our already varied and healthy balanced diet, which will also be very digestive due to the stomachic properties of rhubarb.

Enjoy a different jam, elaborated with one of the plants most prized by the old merchants! This vegetable comes from China, and it is told in ancient books that they jealously guarded the origin of rhubarb, much appreciated for its medicinal properties.

We can use it as a filling of cakes, pastries, on toast or even in salads. Imagination to power!

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2 December, 2021

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