How to cook amaranth?


Amaranth cooking instructions

- Before cooking amaranth, you should wash with it with cool water and rub it well with your fingers to remove any residual dust that might contain the seeds. Due to the small seed size, it will be very useful to have a fine sieve or cloth.

- As other cereals, amaranth is cooked with boiling water. The proportion of water-amaranth is 2 cups water 1 cup amaranth.

- Amaranth needs only 7 minutes to cook.

- Amaranth tastes better when cooked with flavorful liquid such as tomato sauces and soups.

- In some countries amaranth is cooked in the oven with apple juice, resulting in a delicious dessert for the winter season.

- Boiled Amaranth has a gelatinous texture that is used to thicken marmalades low pectin.

Amaranth contains no gluten, making it suitable in diets for people with celiac disease.

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