Barbecued artichokes

Recipe for barbecued artichokes

Ingredients for four people:

- 8 artichokes.

- 6 spoonfuls of olive oil.

- Salt.


- Make a good fire with wood or coal to make good embers.

- Clean the artichokes, removing the stems and leaving all the leaves.

- Hit the ends opposite the stems to soften them so you can open them up a bit.

- Add a tablespoon of Olive oil in each artichoke through the aperture we have done. Add also a pinch of salt.

- Place the artichokes on the embers.

- Cook. (You can notice it when the leaves are wilted)

- Remove them from the embers.

Way to serve them

Eat very hot as a starter.

More information about the artichokes in the listing above.

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